Operate Automated Warehouse Lift from Odoo

Manage Automated warehouse lift from Odoo itself


Operating the Auto Warehouse Lift through Odoo offers a seamless and enhanced experience. We've successfully integrated the Odoo POS screen with the Automated Warehouse Lift.


This integration pulls the precise location of a product from the Odoo Inventory Management system, enabling the Automated Warehouse Lift to instantly access the exact shelf where the product is stored.

We've tailored the POS screen to accommodate the Warehouse Lift integration. Now, upon selecting products and their respective quantities on the POS screen, users are redirected to the Warehouse Lift process screen instead of the payment interface.

Automated Warehouse Lift from Odoo

By simply clicking on the desired shelf within this screen, the corresponding shelf in the warehouse lift is immediately activated and opened.

Automated Warehouse Lift from Odoo POS

For the full process Please check the video

Operate Automated Warehouse Lift from Odoo
BizzAppDev August 21, 2023
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