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What is Odoo Integration Services?

What is Odoo Integration Services?

Odoo integration services involve the smooth linking of Odoo ERP software to other systems, applications or devices in a business environment. Integration makes sure that information flows well between Odoo and various third parties’ systems thereby enabling businesses to simplify their workflows, and as a result boost efficiency hence productivity generally.

At BizzAppDev Systems, we bring over 12 years of dedicated experience in delivering expert Odoo integration services tailored to meet different requirements of businesses across various sectors. For instance, our experienced professionals ensure there is seamless connectivity between Odoo ERP and other critical business systems like CRM, accounting software, e-commerce platforms amongst others with Odoo ERP. We have customized integration strategies which will optimize productivity and drive the revenue growth of your organization.

Our Odoo Integration services

Odoo Payment Gateways Integration

Efficient payment processing is crucial for any business. BizzAppDev’s Odoo integration services connect your Odoo ERP system with a wide range of popular payment gateways, ensuring seamless and secure transactions. Simplify your financial management by seamlessly integrating Odoo ERP with your existing accounting software. Our experts will streamline your accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting processes, saving you time and effort.

Odoo Payment Gateways Integration


Integrate PayU with Odoo to facilitate seamless payment processing for your customers. This integration ensures secure transactions and real-time updates to your financial records.


Unlock the potential of flexible and powerful payment processing with Ingenico and Odoo to streamline your smooth checkout experience for your customers.


Integrate PayTabs seamlessly into your Odoo system with BizzAppDev’s Odoo integration services. Offer your customers a wide range of payment options and enhance financial security.


Integrate PayPal with Odoo to offer your customers a trusted and widely used payment option across the world. BizzAppDev provides a smooth Odoo integration service that ensures secure transactions and easy reconciliation of your PayPal payments within Odoo.

Apple Pay

Connect Apple Pay with Odoo to provide a fast and secure payment method for your customers using Apple devices. This integration ensures seamless payment processing and enhances the user experience.


Integrate Stripe with Odoo to handle online payments efficiently. Merging the comprehensive features of Stripe with your business operations.


Integrates Paytm with Odoo to offer a popular payment option in the Indian market. This integration ensures secure transactions and easy management of Paytm payments within Odoo.

Google Pay

BizzAppDev’s Odoo integration services Connect Google Pay with Odoo to provide a convenient and secure payment method for your customers. This integration enhances the payment process and ensures real-time transaction updates.


Our Odoo integration services offer a versatile integration between Odoo and Razorpay. This integration supports multiple payment methods and provides seamless transaction management.


Integrate WEPAY with Odoo to streamline your payment processing. This integration ensures secure transactions and real-time updates to your financial records.


Connect MANGOPAY with Odoo to manage complex payment flows efficiently. This integration supports multiple currencies and payment methods, ensuring smooth transaction management.


Integrate IYZICO with Odoo through BizzAppDev’s Odoo integration services. Empowering your business to accept secure online payments.

Odoo Accounting Integration

Maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records by integrating Odoo with leading accounting software. Our integration solutions ensure smooth data flow between your Odoo ERP and accounting systems, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. With seamless integration, you can automate financial processes, generate accurate reports, and make informed financial decisions.

Odoo Accounting Integration


Integrate ZOHO with Odoo using BizzAppDev's expert integration services to synchronize your accounting data seamlessly. Our integration ensures accurate financial records and simplifies the management of your business finances.


Connect QuickBooks with Odoo through our comprehensive integration solutions. We provide real-time synchronization of financial data, reducing manual entry and errors, and streamlining your accounting processes.


Integrate Xero with Odoo with the help of BizzAppDev's skilled team to manage your accounting data efficiently. Our integration ensures seamless data flow between Odoo and Xero, enhancing financial reporting and management.

Sage One

Connect Sage One with Odoo using our integration services to synchronize your accounting records seamlessly. We simplify financial management and ensure accurate bookkeeping, helping you maintain up-to-date financial records.

Odoo eCommerce Integration

Expand your online presence and streamline your operations by integrating Odoo with popular eCommerce platforms. Our integration services help you manage inventory, orders, and customer data more efficiently. This integration ensures real-time synchronization of product information, orders, and customer data, providing a unified view of your eCommerce activities.

Odoo eCommerce Integration


BizzAppDev provides a Shopify connecter for Odoo and enables integration between Odoo and Shopify. With our Shopify Connector, you can easily import and export data, ensuring your inventory and customer information are always up-to-date. Moreover, you can manage and confirm Shopify orders directly from Odoo, streamlining your eCommerce operations and enhancing efficiency.


OpenCart is a popular open-source e-commerce platform known for its user-friendliness and flexibility. Connect OpenCart with Odoo to synchronize your eCommerce data. This integration simplifies the management of product information, orders, and customer data. Our expert team will connect your ecommerce plastform with Odoo.


At BizzAppDev, we provide comprehensive WooCommerce integration services for Odoo, ensuring seamless connectivity between your eCommerce platform and your Odoo ERP system. Our integration services enable you to synchronize sale orders, customer data, and product information between WooCommerce and Odoo. Trust BizzAppDev to provide reliable and efficient integration solutions tailored to your business needs.


Connect BigCommerce with Odoo to manage your eCommerce operations efficiently. This integration provides real-time updates on product information, orders, and customer data. With our Odoo integration services, you can manage and confirm WooCommerce orders directly from Odoo


Supercharge your product information management with PrestaShop integration with Odoo to streamline your online store management. BizzAppDev’s skilled professionals are capable of connecting your pestrashop store with Odoo with ease.


Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform. Integrate Magento with Odoo to enhance your online store management. This integration provides real-time updates on inventory, orders, and customer information, ensuring seamless operations.

Odoo Social Media Integration

Engage with your audience and manage your social media presence directly from Odoo. Our Odoo integration services connect Odoo with major social media platforms, allowing you to streamline your marketing efforts. Integrating social media with Odoo helps you track campaigns, manage interactions, and analyze performance, all from a single platform.

Odoo Social Media Integration


At BizzAppDev, we offer robust Odoo integration services for Facebook, transforming your marketing and promotional efforts. Our integration allows you to post advertisements and promotions directly from Odoo to your company's Facebook page, streamlining your social media marketing. Enhance your brand's visibility and engagement with our seamless Facebook integration.


BizzAppDev offers seamless Instagram integration services for Odoo, enhancing your business promotion with Instagram-worthy pictures of your products and services. This integration helps you stay competitive by enabling you to manage and share captivating content directly from Odoo, boosting your brand's visibility and engagement on Instagram.


BizzAppDev provides advanced WhatsApp integration services for Odoo, enabling efficient communication with your clients and employees. With our Odoo integration, you can send notification messages directly to your clients' phones, keeping them informed about various business updates.


Integrate YouTube with Odoo to manage your video marketing campaigns. This integration allows you to upload videos, track views, and analyze performance from within Odoo.


Stay ahead of business trends by integrating Odoo with X(twitter). Our Odoo integration enables you to tweet your marketing messages directly from Odoo, ensuring you remain active and engaged with your audience on Twitter, and effectively promoting your business.


BizzAppDev provides robust Odoo integration services for Telegram, allowing companies to reach their customers efficiently. This integration supports direct communication with your audience, enhancing customer engagement and facilitating smooth information sharing.


With BizzAppDev's Odoo integration services for LinkdIn, you can connect with job seekers and identify the best talent to meet your business needs. This integration also supports your marketing and promotional activities, allowing you to leverage LinkedIn's professional network to enhance your company's reach and reputation.


Strengthen customer relationships by integrating Odoo with Twilio. Our integration enhances your marketing, sales, customer service, and operational communications, ensuring you can effectively engage with your customers across various touchpoints, improving overall business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Odoo Shipping Integration

Ensure timely and accurate delivery of your products by integrating Odoo with leading shipping carriers. Our solutions streamline your shipping processes and provide real-time tracking information. Integration with these carriers simplifies shipping label generation, tracking, and inventory management, improving overall logistics efficiency.

Odoo Shipping Integration


Integrate Odoo with a leading shipping company to help you send out your product shipment and get quick delivery with ease.


Elevates your shipping capabilities with seamless USPS and Odoo integration by BizzAppDev. Simplify order processing, reduce shipping errors, and provide accurate delivery information to your customers.


Enhance your shipping capabilities by integrating FedEx with Odoo. This synergy ensures efficient order fulfillment and delivery, providing your customers with a reliable and timely shipping experience.

DHL Express Shipping

Integrate DHL Express Shipping with Odoo to manage your international shipping efficiently. DHL connects people across more than 220 countries, providing exceptional package delivery services that ensure your shipments reach their destinations reliably and efficiently.


Optimize your shipping processes with UPS integration in Odoo. Centralize your shipping management, improve tracking, and enhance the customer experience with reliable and efficient deliveries.

Odoo Integration

We provide the best integration solutions for your business, no matter what application or software you are using. Our expert developer team specializes in various integrations to ensure seamless and efficient operations for your business.
We offer Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Migration, Odoo Development, and many more services to cater to your specific needs.

Odoo CRM Integration

Enhance your customer relationship management by integrating Odoo with top CRM systems. This integration provides a complete view of your customer interactions and helps streamline sales and support processes. Connecting Odoo with your CRM system ensures synchronized customer data, improved lead management, and better customer service.

Odoo CRM Integration


Streamlines your customer relationship management by integrating HubSpot with Odoo. Our Odoo integration services synchronize contact information, leads, and interactions, providing you with a unified view of your customer data and enhancing your CRM efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhance your CRM capabilities by connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Odoo. BizzAppDev's integration ensures seamless data synchronization, improving lead management and customer service through real-time data sharing.


Manage your customer relationships more efficiently with our Salesforce integration for Odoo. This integration offers real-time synchronization of contact information, leads, and interactions, ensuring your data is always up to date and easily accessible.

Zoho CRM

Transform your CRM and marketing automation with Zoho and Odoo integration by BizzAppDev. Our Odoo integration services ensure seamless data flow between Odoo and Zoho CRM, enhancing lead management and customer service for a more efficient workflow.

Odoo Hardware Integration

Transform your business operations with BizzAppDev Systems' specialized Odoo hardware integration services. We seamlessly connect biometric systems, IoT devices, POS systems, barcode scanners, printers, RFID readers, and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with Odoo ERP. This integration enables real-time data consolidation across departments, streamlining inventory management, optimizing manufacturing processes, and enhancing employee attendance and leave management. Trust us to empower your business with efficient, interconnected digital and physical ecosystems that drive productivity and operational excellence.

Odoo Hardware Integration

Why Choose BizzAppDev for Odoo Integration?

If you have grand ideas and ambitious goals, you need a full ERP solution that can keep up its potential. Odoo recognizes this need and enables third-party integration, making it easier to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of your existing modules for quick support. However, Odoo integration services can be challenging, especially for those with limited experience using API libraries and web services. That's where a trustworthy Odoo ERP integration company like BizzAppDev comes in with an experienced team.

We have built a strong reputation in the industry for our Odoo integration solutions. Catering to a wide range of industries, we prioritize our client’s specific needs and goals and are dedicated to helping them achieve operational efficiency and profitability providing customized solutions in need.

Whether you want to expand the core functionality of your modules, modernize the system for higher proficiency, or streamline backend operations, we offer comprehensive solutions under one roof. By seamlessly authorizing the integration of your ERP solution with third-party services, we ensure exceptional outcomes. As a reliable Odoo integration company, we promise to exceed your expectations.

BizzAppDev is your preferred partner for Odoo integration due to our specialized expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results tailored to your business needs. Here’s why businesses trust us for their Odoo integration projects:

Expert Odoo Integration Services

With extensive experience in Odoo integration, we offer comprehensive services that seamlessly connect Odoo with various systems such as ERP, CRM, ecommerce platforms, payment gateways, and more. Our expertise ensures smooth data synchronization and optimized business processes.

Proven Track Record of Success

We have a proven track record of successfully implementing Odoo integration projects across diverse industries. Our solutions are designed to drive efficiency, improve data accuracy, and empower businesses to achieve their growth objectives.

Customized Solutions for Your Business

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we provide customized integration solutions that align with your specific requirements and operational goals. Whether you need to streamline operations, enhance customer management, or optimize financial processes, we tailor our solutions to meet your exact needs.

Customer-Centric Approach

At BizzAppDev, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to build long-term partnerships. Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your challenges, provide proactive solutions, and ensure a seamless integration experience from start to finish.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Beyond implementation, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your Odoo integration running smoothly. Our responsive support team is committed to resolving issues promptly and optimizing your system’s performance.

Innovative Solutions for Future Growth

We stay ahead of industry trends and technological advancements to deliver innovative solutions that future-proof your business. Whether it’s integrating advanced hardware devices or leveraging emerging technologies, we empower your business with scalable and forward-thinking solutions.

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At BizzAppDev Systems, our dedicated team of Odoo professionals brings over a decade of experience, serving more than 750 clients globally. We have developed and deployed over 250 customized Odoo modules to meet diverse business needs.

With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, BizzAppDev has established itself as a trusted leader in Odoo integration and customization services. Our focus on delivering quality solutions.

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